Cyber Essentials Certification

Guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate your commitment to cybersecurity.
What Is The Cyber Essentials Scheme?
What Is The Cyber Essentials Scheme?

Cyber Essentials is an industry-supported and Government-backed cyber-security scheme for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who want to demonstrate their commitment to cyber-security. By getting your Cyber Essentials certification, you are demonstrating that your organisation is protecting its five environments:

  • Boundary firewalls and internet gateways.
  • Secure device and network configuration.
  • Control over who can access your network.
  • Malware protection against cyber attacks.
  • Updated devices and programs on your network.
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Do I Need The Cyber Essentials Certification?
Do I Need The Cyber Essentials Certification?

The benefits of the Cyber Essentials certification are two fold:

  • First, it gives assurance that your organisation is protected against common cyber attacks so that you can continue to run your business safely and efficiently.
  • Secondly, it allows you to bid for government contracts. If your organisation would like to bid for government contracts, then you will first need to get your Cyber Essentials certificate. Without it, you cannot bid for government contracts, including educational organisations.

For further coverage or more comprehensive services, you can easily upgrade to the more in-depth IASME certification (similar to the ISO27001 for SME companies) or our more in-depth MSSP services for more concentrated cybersecurity protection

The Two Levels of Certification

There are two levels of certification: the basic Cyber Essentials (CE) that is a self assessment certification and Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+) that is audited by a cyber-security company such as Gaia Technologies PLC. Either option will demonstrate to your suppliers and purchasers that your organisation is protected against cyber threats.

Cyber Essentials
The basic Cyber Essentials Self-Assessment allows organisations to complete the assessment themselves. This is the most cost-effective and time-saving option for organisations with qualified IT staff.
Cyber Essentials Plus
The Cyber Essentials Plus certification assesses an organisation’s security network through an on-site audit by an independent cyber-security professional, and demonstrates that your company has reached the highest level of cyber-security certification.
Why Gaia Technologies?

We also hold the Cyber Essentials Plus, IASME Gold and ISO 27001 certifications ourselves, demonstrating that we are committed to providing security even within our own organisation.

We are confident that we can not only provide you with a Cyber Essentials Plus audit but we can also guide you every step of the way to the certification.

We are proudly IASME Gold Accredited as a Cyber Essentials Assessing and Certifying Company. This means that we provide the gold standard to all of our clients, every time.

Cyber Essentials Certification
Cyber Essentials Certification

Meet the minimum cyber-security certification for UK Government bidding with our DIY self-assessment package.

  • Access to our secure online portal where you can submit and review your assessment.
  • Templates and documents to help you perform your assessment.
  • The Cyber Essentials report and certificate.

£300 ex vat
Cyber Essentials Plus Certification
Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

Cyber Essentials Plus is a UK Government and industry approved certification that demonstrates that your organisation maintains rigorous security against cyber attacks.

  • Onsite verification of your security environment by our Information Security Consultant.
  • Internal & external vulnerability scan by a Gaia Security Engineer.
  • The Cyber Essentials report and certificate.

£1550 ex vat