IASME Certification

The industry-standard cybersecurity certificate for Small and Medium Enterprises.
What Is The IASME Scheme?
What Is The IASME Scheme?

The IASME Scheme was developed for small and medium businesses for whom the ISO27001 was too complex or too expensive to obtain. The IASME Certification Scheme is devised along the same lines as the ISO27001 but aimed at SMEs. The certification covers your organisation’s five environments that are covered in the Cyber Essentials Certification.

  • Boundary firewalls and internet gateways.
  • Secure device and network configuration.
  • Control over who can access your network.
  • Malware protection against cyber attacks.
  • Updated devices and programs on your network.
And also:
  • Risk assessment and management.
  • Proper security training and management of current staff.
  • Protocols and management for changing circumstances or programs.
  • Continuous monitoring for potential threats or weaknesses.
  • Secure and continuous backup of data and assets.
  • Incident response and business continuity
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Do I Need The IASME Certification?
Do I Need The IASME Certification?

The IASME certification demonstrates to companies you do business with that your organisation’s cyber-security is a step above the industry standard. It is especially powerful for companies bidding for government contracts as it shows just how serious your organisation is about protecting your network from cyber threats.

Organisations who want to demonstrate that they are implementing more detailed cyber-security measures than the Cyber Essentials Scheme can do so with the IASME certification. The IASME certification is similar to the ISO27001 but scaled for SME companies, giving your organisation in-depth and detailed cyber-security.

For more concentrated cyber-security protection, you might like our Security Consultancy packages.

The Two Levels of Certification

There are two levels of certification: the IASME Self Assessment Certification and IASME Audited, sometimes called IASME Gold, that is audited by a cyber-security company such as Gaia Technologies PLC.

IASME Self Assessment
The basic IASME Self-Assessment allows organisations to utilise their in-house staff to complete the industry-supported assessment. This is the most cost-effective and time-saving option for organisations.
The IASME Audited/Gold certification assesses the organisation’s security network through an on-site audit by an independent cyber-security professional, and demonstrates that your company has reached the highest level of information governance certification.
Why Gaia Technologies?

We also hold the Cyber Essentials Plus, IASME Gold and ISO 27001 certifications ourselves, demonstrating that we are committed to providing security even within our own organisation.

We are confident that we can not only provide you with a IASME audit but we can also guide you every step of the way to the certification.

We are proudly IASME Gold Accredited as a Cyber Essentials Assessing and Certifying Company. This means that we provide the gold standard to all of our clients, every time.

IASME Self Assessment Certification
IASME Self Assessment Certification

This do-it-yourself self-assessment cyber-security certification is an affordable alternative to the International standard ISO27001. This certification meets the security standard for UK Government bidding. Save time and resources with our IASME Self-Assessment certification.

  • Access to our secure online portal where you can submit and review your assessment.
  • Templates and documents to help you perform your assessment.
  • The IASME Self-Assessment report and certificate.

£500 ex vat
IASME Audited Certification
IASME Audited Certification

This audit assesses against similar requirements to the international standard ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus, and GDPR. The information governance and ccyber-security certification that you receive at the end of the on-site audit is suitable for the security standard for UK Government bidding.

  • Access to our secure online assessment environment.
  • Templates and documents to help you perform your assessment.
  • On-site audit against the Cyber Essentials Plus, GDPR and the IASME Audit certification standards.
  • The Cyber Essentials Plus, GDPR and IASME Audit report and certificate.

£2500 ex vat