Penetration Testing

Find security gaps and vulnerabilities in your network with our ethical hacking services.

Test your organisation’s cybersecurity with our penetration testing services.

Identify cybersecurity threats and network vulnerabilities with our expert ethical hackers. Improve security, reduce risk, and meet industry-standard compliance.

Test your organisation’s cybersecurity with our penetration testing services.
Benefits of Pen Testing

Ethical hacking is the best way to reduce security risk from most cybersecurity attacks.

Discover weaknesses in your infrastructure that may allow for unauthorised access to sensitive data.

Find potential cybersecurity risks that could leave your organisation vulnerable to cyber attacks or identity theft.

Learn how to address critical infrastructure errors and fix the errors so that you significantly reduce your cyber risk.

Develop a risk management plan that includes an incident response system in the event of security breaches.

Does your organisation need penetration testing?

Does your organisation need penetration testing?

  • As more and more organisations rely upon internet and cloud connectivity, cyber attacks become increasingly prevalent. Penetration testing (pen testing) is a popular method of safely simulating a cyber attack so that your organisation can understand its weaknesses within your ICT environment.

  • Weak network systems or cybersecurity framework make your organisation vulnerable to criminal hackers. Your sensitive data is more vulnerable than ever as cyber crime continues to increase.

  • Penetration testing, also called ethical hacking, requires sophisticated hacking skills that mimic those of actual hackers. The aim of the security penetration testing is to compromise the network defences just like the bad guys do to expose vulnerabilities.

  • Found vulnerabilities could be anything from missing patching to configuration errors. Vulnerabilities are unnoticeable to the untrained eye and likely don’t interfere with your organisation’s productivity. If, however, the bad guys break into your system, then your entire network is compromised.

Isn’t it worth having the peace of mind?

Our Process

One of Gaia’s highly trained Security Consultants, who are in-house ethical hackers, will meet with you to discuss your current ICT system and any issues you may have.

Then our team of pen testers will begin hacking into your system.

During the simulated attacks, we use the same techniques and tactics that a real world hacker would use. The goal is to discover how resilient an organisation is and how well the current security can cope with the attacks.

Our Process

With proper security testing, we can pinpoint exactly where potential hackers will target your organisation.

We use penetration testing tools to assess the security of legacy hardware, software and networks. The testing tools help discover weaknesses, anomalies, vulnerabilities and potential issues that could pose a threat to your network security.

The recommendations will include procedures and controls to implement as well as the weaknesses in your current ICT environment. Should you wish, Gaia can correct the errors and problems as part of another project.

Gaia has a well defined, detailed and controlled security penetration testing process that involves:

  • Reviewing the existing ICT network infrastructure, investigating patches, updates, version control etc.

  • Testing for vulnerabilities and weaknesses,network infrastructure exploitation and report production.

  • Running various simulated cyber attacks to replicate threat based scenarios on your current ICT system.

  • A final penetration test report so that you can make an informed decision about your cyber security.

Why Gaia?

Quality, Security and Peace of Mind From One Provider
Easy to Read Reports
Easy to Read Reports
Our reports outline your network vulnerabilities, how to fix them, and which services we provide to help you fix them.
Innovative Hacking Tools
Innovative Hacking Tools
Our tools allow us to attack your network just like the hackers do so that you know where you're most vulnerable.
Leading Organisations
Leading Organisations
We have been working with government organisations and major businesses in the UK for decades, making us one of hte the most trusted cybersecurity companies in the UK.
Hackers with Real Ethics
Hackers with Real Ethics
Our experts understand the hacker mentality while understanding the importance of protecting your organisation so that you can confidently trust their work.
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Our Security Penetration Testing Tools

Penetration testing is a highly technical test of the defences of your cyber systems. Gaia, as the security tester, will use all means to attempt to take control over your network.

Our penetration testing tools include:

  • Phishing attacks to reveal information you expect to be kept secret and secure, like sensitive data.

  • Scan of scoped network devices in order to exploit their vulnerabilities.

  • Attempts to take over machines and harvest passwords.

  • Logging on to domain machines and attempting to escape and/or circumvent the security controls.

  • Walking around location with Rouge Wireless Access Points testing your Wi-Fi networks including BYOD (bring your own devices) and production Wi-Fi.

  • Testing your internal Web Servers and databases by trying to extract valuable and secure data.

At the end of the penetration testing, Gaia will provide you with a RAG (red, amber, green) Report. The RAG Report will provide an overall security assessment and show you the weaknesses (red), areas that need improvement (amber) and strengths (green). The security assessment will also include professional recommendations so that you can reduce your security risk right away.

Types of Penetration Testing

Gaia’s Security Consultant will meet with you in order to scope the project. We will discuss type of the penetration testing and your choice of White Box or Black Box Testing [link below], which part of you network will be tested, and the level of engagement. Gaia will then devise the customised penetration test for your organisation and then schedule the time frame for the testing.

Gaia will provide you with a choice of one or more of the following penetration testing activities:

  • ICT Infrastructure Penetration Testing: to include issues and weaknesses with configurations, firewalls, nodes, interfaces, hardware and peripherals.

  • Applications Penetration Testing: this will include software patches, version control and configurations and any available access points and weaknesses.

  • End point: mobile applications such as mobile phones, tablets etc. are a major area of weakness. Access via an endpoint will be tested.

  • Cloud: Whilst Cloud suppliers have very secure infrastructures, they do rely upon your organisation to monitor and configure the Cloud interface.

  • Employee and Social: Phishing and malware are prevalent. These Penetration Tests will look at email security, social media security and postings as well as other security exploits that are so common in this environment.


After a full penetration test on your cybersecurity, Gaia will produce a pen test report that includes a full list of errors and omissions found in your security system. We will also include our suggestions as to how your company can meet the required security standards.

You may wish to upgrade this service to a full Managed Security Service Provision (MSSP)

We understand that your organisation is running a business so we adhere to strict protocols that minimise the risk of interrupting your activities. We can undertake the security testing with or without warning you beforehand.

It is important to note that this penetration test is an assessment at the point in time that it was taken. This is not confirmation that vulnerabilities will not be exploited if changes to the system introduce a vulnerability to the organisation’s network. Cyber attacks change and are enhanced at a worrying pace. If your organisation’s ICT environment is ever changing you might consider one of our other Protect Consultancy Services that provides continual security monitoring.

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Secure Gateways

  • Site Security

  • Phishing and Malware Prevention

  • Cloud Protection

Though we will try to break into your systems, our network penetration testing is strictly ‘White Hat Testing’. Rather than breech your security vulnerabilities maliciously, we will do so to help you fix your security weaknesses.

Our penetration testing methodology is done in a structured, formal manner with your own IT staff working alongside our staff every step of the way.

Our ethical hackers will exploit any security vulnerabilities in your system that might assist a hacker to obtain unauthorised access and undertake any type of malicious or dangerous activity.

Hackers are able to achieve network penetration through the security weaknesses in your system, which most often occur during input and output of data. Our team of ethical hackers will look at how your transmit, input and output data as well as any connectivity environments such as Cloud connectivity, internet connectivity and mobile device interfaces.

We undertake two kinds of tests:

  • Black Box – External Penetration Testing – testing to see if we can get into your system, we test all your servers, domains and some of your peripherals.

  • White Box – Internal Penetration Testing – working as a member of staff, we try to achieve unauthorised access behind your firewalls.

During the penetration testing, Gaia will attend your site on multiple occasions to work on your defences from the inside out. We will do everything that the bad guys would do only to learn how to stop them in the future.