Security and Compliance Reporting

Solutions for deep visibility into your real-time security and compliance.

Concerned about your organisations compliance to security regulations?

If you want to ensure that your organisation is compliant with security regulations and thus be in the best position to mitigate risks to your company then Gaia will provide you with peace of mind. Prevent crises with up-to-date cyber security technology and a thorough analysis of your ICT network.

Concerned about your organisations compliance to security regulations?
Does your organisation need Security and Compliance Reporting?

The cyber security landscape is continually evolving, with hackers developing new methods to infiltrate your system just as quickly as security systems are being updated. To ensure that you not only prevent hackers from breaching your network but also maintain compliance with all relevant security regulations, it is necessary to regularly monitor and mitigate all cyber security risks as they arise. Our Security and Compliance Reporting services allow you to do just that.

Our highly trained security staff help organisations become compliant with most, if not all, security regulations, including:

  • NIST

  • GDPR

  • IS27001


We also assess and report on any internal policies your organisation might wish to impose. If you want to ensure that your organisation is compliant with security regulations and be in the best position to fight off security risks to your company, then our Security and Compliance Reporting will bring you peace of mind.

Talk to a Specialist

Our Process

One of our highly trained Security Consultants will meet with you to discuss your current ICT system, your internal security procedures, as well as your organisation’s future security expectations.

We will then install and configure the required software onto your server or provide a cloud based solution.

Our Process

Lastly, we provide a half-day consultancy that can be used for training on the new system and its standard reports. By the end of the installation, your team will be able to configure bespoke reports on your new Security and Compliance Reporting system.

We will create the best package for your organisation and budget.

There are several software packages available that will provide Security and Compliance Reporting. Gaia will work with your organisation on choosing the appropriate software for your circumstances and budget. Gaia will also install and configure the software for your immediate usage.

  • Policies – Choose from the standard policies, such as NIST, IS27001 and GDPR. Alternatively, you may configure your own policies.

  • Report – The software will report in real-time either standard or customised reports that can satisfy operators, managers, risk assessors and auditors.

  • Identify and Assess – The software enables tracking, exception reporting and prioritising. It will ensure you can quickly identify drifts from required configurations and prioritise actions.

  • Controls – There is an extensive control library for operating systems, network devices, databases and apps. With these controls, you are able to create bespoke controls for your interface.

Need something more?

Should you discover that your ICT system has a considerable number of issues that do not comply to your chosen security framework, Gaia can undertake this remedial work as part of a separate project. We provide a fully Managed Security Service Provision (MSSP), ensuring that your system remains compliant while monitoring for breaches and issues.

Need something more?

Added peace of mind, without inconvenience.

The delivery process should be a non-intrusive process and should not affect your business flow. Gaia will work in the background, ensuring that all installations are handled appropriately and in a timely manner. The half-day training can be scheduled at the end of the installation to ensure that your newly secure ICT infrastructure is providing an extra layer of security to your organisation as quickly as possible.

Added peace of mind, without inconvenience.
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Defence in Depth

As part of the Gaia Defence in Depth strategy, we dedicate an entire layer of security to complying with internationally utilised security controls, methods and processes.

Defence in Depth