Trust – So Hard to Win and So Easy to Lose

Trust – So Hard to Win and So Easy to Lose

If you have been receiving a lot of strange emails lately, demanding a high bitcoin ransom in exchange for not sending the details of you visiting porn sites to all your contacts, or worse still have had funds mysteriously disappear, this is probably why. Recently this year, a cyber security researcher found a dump of approximately 87GB of data hidden on hacker forum, deep in the dark web.  This Includes 1,160,253,228 unique combinations of email addresses and passwords.  Yes you did read that correctly, over 1.6 billion unique combinations, all ripe for thousands of hackers to take advantage of.  

Just two months later, another billion records of personal information was stolen from an email validation firm, which has since gone off line and is not answering correspondence.  Over 982 million people have had their personal details breached in what researchers are calling one of the ‘biggest and most comprehensive email database’ breaches ever. So that is 2.5 billion records running around the dark web waiting for hackers to take advantage of.

Surely 2019 is the year to take cyber security seriously, to bring in cyber experts and make your own data records safe?  Now your organisation is probably not as bad as that had zero security operations and software in place.  But cybersecurity implemented in the wrong manner can be expensive.   Maybe you have not visited your security lately?  Perhaps it is something silly like your database managers not updating the patches lately?  Perhaps your trusted software is a little out dated and does not benefit from the latest security? Or as with many companies staff are plugging in things to your network and your CIO has no control of the data going around your company.  Big Data and the mass of marketing information causes its own problems of course, as does Cloud connection.  All of these can be a mystery to even the most switched on CIO and board of directors. There is a reason why Cyber Security Technical Consultants take so many years to fully train and why they need constant retraining, and that is because cyber security is both complex and ever changing.

Luckily Gaia Technologies has a number of fully trained cyber security specialists and they stay with us because we both look after them well and provide them with all the training that they require and want.

If you would like to talk with Gaia Technologies about how we can stop your company from suffering a major data breach and your clients appearing on HaveIBeenPwned  then call the Gaia Technologies Cyber Security team on:


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Remember: Mitigate risks, Protect your business.

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